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Let’s talk virtual….

“No thanks!” – We have tried all levels of virtual communication throughout the lockdown and whilst its great for passing on information and keeping up to date with destinations old and new its limitations arrive quickly when we start to discuss relationships. I agree that relationships have been maintained on Zoom and discussions have been had, points of view exchanged and real business taken place. But have relationships improved or even begun? Meeting new Hoteliers and DMC’s on Zoom has been a good opportunity and a new way of interesting, long term learning but have I built any long lasting relationships – no. I instantly recognise the faces in the Zoom groups that I have met and been away with and shared hospitality, experiences, fun, laughter, joy, sunshine and all the senses besides and I smile to myself and giggle with memories. Virtual is flat and non distinct – I cannot feel it, smell or taste it and although I have been to Turkey, The Azores, Rwanda and Namibia to name a few I have not made any new relationships or friends,

As a direct consequence I am now appealing to my clients and customers old and new that know me and staking firmly in the ground that you should not waste your time, energy or budget on trying to maintain your corporate communication using a virtual platform. There – I came out and said it – I hope it creates arguments North and South and call me old fashioned but nothing will replace face to face meetings, conferences, networking, hospitality, recognition in front of your peers and above all the human touch, You may be the most un-tactile person on the planet but handshakes and hugs are vital human elements and stave off all form of mental tiredness and low levels of motivation.

So from October 1st we can start to meet again. Let’s not even consider flying anywhere but let’s look at this beautiful country where we live and the hundreds of fabulous locations, facilities and hotels that are waiting to greet us. Coupled together with the amazing standards of our AV suppliers and we have a sensational event at our corporate fingertips waiting to send out a message and immediately bounce your business back with motivated employees. Employees that have been in the lockdown dark zone for far too long and need to be brought into the light and leave beaming after a long overdue meeting.

Talk to us today – we understand the old fashioned standards – we will understand your business and the message you want to send – call or email us today with your ideas and budget – we will come back to you with a fully costed and complete Action Plan