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Private Travel

We pride ourselves on our discretion as our name suggests and we are happy to offer all our clients the service of non disclosure. If you are an individual that is in the media on a regular basis or you simply want high levels of privacy for your family and friends whilst away on holiday then we are the team to satisfy your requirements. There will be no fuss or fanfare, we will simply attend to all the detail of your holiday arrangements and melt peacefully into the background allowing you the space to relax and spend valuable time with your family or group of friends.

We have all the current travel data at our fingertips and we have detailed knowledge of all the best and more importantly current hotels and restaurants that love to work at very high standards. These standards can only be explored when working with the talented team at Connections. You will be met at airports and transferred in style and luxury to beautiful hotels and arrive at restaurants where the very best take is waiting for you properly reserved.

Predictably our travel programmes are anything but inexpensive, however, our costings to you will be transparent and at prices mirrored via web access to the hotels and restaurants etc. We will charge a small handling fee and if one of our team accompanies you then the cost of this will be added to your costings schedule. We will always work within the guidelines of your agreed budget and if we were to exceed this budget at anytime we would only do so with your prior knowledge.

Our aim is to understand the needs and desires of each individual client and be able to build a travel experience around them. From taking care of pets, tickets, even hair appointments prior to travel, to arranging for a limo on time right where you want it when you leave that Michelin starred restaurant, we will take care of everything for you.